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The promise of culling the right words


Our technical translators are both native speakers and experts in their fields. They possess the related knowhow and thus also the pertinent technical vocabulary. For, it is only through accurate translations that you can always make yourself understood, i.e. to business contacts,

clients, employees, colleagues and overseas suppliers among others. This applies equally to all kinds of contractual agreements. You may need to clothe an important personal matter in the right terms, or have your scientific publications expressed in other languages with the same fervour and zeal.

Translations for Companies

Your products and services rank among the best in the field, whether you belong to the automotive sector or the media, run an online shop or handicrafts business. You look for your good repute to measure up in the international arena as well. This calls for professional and dynamic translations of your texts with apposite phrasing. Ultimately, the aim is to make a compelling and lasting impression, be it on paper, on the internet or through the spoken word.

In support of business interests we offer, among others, translations for the following:

  • General terms and conditions
  • Bidding documents
  • Brochures and flyers
  • Content for websites and blogs
  • Financial statements
  • User manuals
  • Attestation of conformity
  • Marketing reports
  • Creative texts for hosting
  • Assembly instructions
  • Press releases
  • Technical documentation
  • Texts for Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube ...
  • Advertising copy
  • Newspaper articles

Translation of scientific texts

We have colleagues, who for instance only specialise in Biology or Chemistry. This is crucial since accuracy down to the last, tiny detail is required for everything to be clear and scientifically correct. Some terms differ in meaning in other languages and one has to be in the know of that for a perfect translation. This is germane to laboratory results and research findings, technical books, reviews and essays, as well as to master's and doctoral thesis and postdoctoral thesis.

Legal texts: Clarity holds the trump card!

We know the convoluted way in which lawyers express themselves even when they do not perhaps use complex technical terms per se. It is in the nature of legalese and sometimes even of complicated syntax. We translate contracts, patents, wills, living wills and lots more. As a special service, we also provide certified translations. Translating all this infallibly requires legal expertise and flair.

The same applies to politics. When envoys conclude bilingual or multi-lingual contracts (i.e. legal texts), their translations are put to the acid test. Then there are the cultural aspects and traditions too, discerning them is of considerable import.

Medical Texts - Translations done by Professionals

Here too you can rest assured that only experts with extensive technical knowledge, i.e. technical translators in the field of medicine, are assigned the jobs. Medical reports and research papers, lab analyses, instruction leaflets, instruction manuals for technical devices, and surgical and orthopaedic aids fall under this category of texts. It also covers nutrition tips, health care manuals, infant care and the like.

For personal matters, like a perfectly phrased love letter or a sensitively worded empathetic letter of condolence or commiseration, do reach out to us. We have specialists even on these topics. We make your matters our concern.

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Out technical translators are both native speakers and experts in their fields.

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