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In our globalised world our interactions are global too. For personal communication you can get by with elementary English, but when it comes to financial, scientific, cultural or political subjects it is SATZGEWINN's interpreters that are much sought after.

Professional interpreters at SATZGEWINN:

  • are native speakers of the target language
  • have excellent knowledge of the source language
  • are well-versed in the linguistic conventions of the source and target languages
  • bring additional competency, like legal, medical or literary skills
  • are well acquainted with cultural peculiarities
  • have mastery over certain dialects

Interpreters are responsible for the written language and translators for the spoken.

Interpreters – our work

Listening! This is the very basis of what we do: relay what is spoken (mostly in a foreign language) in another language (most often the native language). It could be negotiations on a political agreement in Paris, a press conference in Tokyo, or a hearing before the Higher Regional Court in Cologne.

Our interpreters must have the ability to get the gist and importance of what is spoken within a few fractions of a second. Oral rendition of the matter follows only thereafter. This calls for adapting to the speed and comprehensibility of what is being said.

Meeting high expectations and requirements

As successful interpreters we have a few insights into human nature and sensitivities. Speeches or negotiations often rely on interpreting skills for success. This is equally applicable, say, for the execution of a contract. It is germane as much to round table talks among politicians in Washington as it is to transfer agreements of a sports club in Cologne.

Speakers whose speeches have to be interpreted come from varied backgrounds. They could be cautious lawyers or spirited politicians, serious scientists or famous sportsmen. One could speak lucidly the other is cryptic. Another could make generous use of foreign words and technical terms, yet another does not beat around the bush. Our agency of translators and interpreters has international specialists who adroitly adapt to this distinctive diversity.

Linguistic competency, mental strength

A professional interpreter needs much more than mastery over languages; great power of concentration, cultural competency, propensity to take on heavy loads of work being among the many other abilities.

What is once said cannot be retracted or corrected in retrospect. Interpreters thus have to build certain strategies, like the translation agency SATZGEWINN in Cologne does. They use these to practice advance comprehension, recognition and structuring of spoken statements and their own rendition of these statements. This helps them to be spontaneous and gives them the ability to make quick and correct decisions. It also trains them to retain their concentration powers even under great pressure.

Interpreting: simultaneous and consecutive interpretation

Modern conference techniques are used almost always for simultaneous interpretation; the interpreter is seated in a cabin. He listens to what is being spoken on headphones and relays back what is being said in the target language almost simultaneously. This highly complex work does not leave time to look up unknown terminology. It therefore demands specialised knowledge of the field and of related technical terms. It warrants the highest levels of concentration!

Consecutive interpretation gives the interpreter time to translate the contents a little later - reproduction is thus somewhat delayed. This could be a reading at Cologne, a press conference in Buenos Aires or a TV interview in Moscow.

We are available around the globe, wherever you need us. With more than 40 languages in our portfolio, we as interpreters have you covered comprehensively and internationally. Do contact us!

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