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Your translations are close to our heart. The translation company, SATZGEWINN, is in existence since 2009 in Cologne. Long enough to be continually improving ourselves and to be customising our work to suit your needs. Social commitment is not too far behind either. In this context we were successful in organising a charity gala for LeseWelten with the patronage of Elfi Scho-Antwerpes and the support of the Cologne luminaries like Frank Schätzing, Onkel Fisch, Wolfgang Niedecken, Kasalla, Johann König and CatBallou. We also are a cultural patron of Cologne.

What is central to our work is always to find the right (qualified) translator for your project. The allocated translator then specialises in that field. This alone can deliver top notch quality. Just linguistic qualification is not enough. Someone specialising in translating legal matter may, at times, not have the aptitude for marketing texts.

Since translation is not a regulated profession we only work with colleagues, who like us have studied translation and interpretation and are degree holding translators themselves. This is manifest in the excellence of our translations!

At SATZGEWINN we set store by the native speaker concept and the residence being in the native country. A genuine translator will always only translate in his native language. Despite studying a language, it is almost impossible to be on par with a native speaker of that language. Flaws then soon creep in. Hence we rely solely on translators who are native-speakers living in the country where the language lives. Living abroad can in all probability affect the mother tongue of translators. The quality of translations then suffers.

Fair pricing is of essence to us. A policy of dumping-prices that some full-service agencies offer have translators getting the short end of the stick. No degree holding translator would want to work for such paltry sums. This could only mean translations being done by non-professionals. As a result the translations turn out be very unprofessional and inaccurate. Now, that cannot be in your interest: your image will take a drubbing.


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Qualified Translator

Cannot be replaced by a computer programme!

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Qualified Interpreter

Qualified Interpreter

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Sworn Translator

Accreditation from the Higher Regional Court of Cologne

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BDÜ membership

BDÜ (German Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators)

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