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Finishing touches to your texts - the editor

Flawless and accurate in many languages

A well written text is fun to read, translation agency SATZGEWINN's accomplished editors make that possible. Our focus is as much on our translations as your creative texts. In doing so we ensure that the flow of text is smooth from the heading to the last line for the reader. And so it should be!

The editor has an important function. Only a flawless and balanced text can leave behind the best impression of you, your product or your services. Be it a scientific, specialised, advertising or literary text.

Editor: Experts at optimising texts

First he naturally checks the orthography, punctuation and grammar and general comprehensibility, i.e. he proofreads.

This has the editor paying attention to:

  • Upper and lower cases
  • Separate spelling and compound words
  • Textual integration of numbers and figures
  • The right way of writing special alphabetic characters like "ss", "ß, ç, à, è, ø ...
  • Hyphenation and dashes
  • Semicolon and colon
  • Indirect speech
  • Tense

So, if you do not want to deal with it yourself, leave it to our well-versed editor to do it skilfully and reliably.

Let us the know the size and target group of your texts and we will prepare an offer gratis for a professional editing and proofreading job done by a top editor.

Editing: all about the finishing touch

We now take the text to a deeper level to check if there is logical progression, flow and appeal in the way it is presented. Then it could be an operation manual, a scientific article, a company brochure or a poem that you assign us with - all of them get equal attention.

The editor then examines the content with a fine-tooth comb:

  • Style – special linguistic elements that convey the content: elegant, factual, humorous, neutral, professional...
  • Register – forms of address to denote social relationships: formal or casual, friendly or reserved
  • Coherence – logical correlations in a text
  • Consistency – complete uniformity in expression and writing
  • Cohesion – the syntactical context
  • Idiomatic usage – expressions peculiar to a language, proverbs etc.
  • Corporate wording or corporate language – the language typically used in companies

Correct and good texts for success

We offer proofreading and editing services for German and all the languages in our portfolio. We by default subject the text to not just one round of checking but have it redacted by a second editor. After all, two heads are better than one. You can rest assured that linguistically speaking your text is now "watertight".

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