The Translation Agency of Cologne

Translations, certified translations, interpreting, creative writing and editing: the translation agency, SATZGEWINN, always finds the right words. Be it a business or love letter, when the words are right all your translation needs are a couple of sentences.

The translation agency with a pool of experts

The translation agency, SATZGEWINN, stands for a team of creative translators and interpreters with a love for languages. Professionalism is as important to us as providing excellent customer services and the joy of words. After all, we have numerous reputed and satisfied customers to show for our work and the testimonials speak for themselves. What you can absolutely bank on: services exclusively of interpreters and specialised translators with corresponding qualifications (degrees and diplomas) and years of experience in their respective fields of specialisation from this translation agency, SATZGEWINN, of Cologne. This enables us to deliver professional translations of the highest calibre in the most varied fields and in different language combinations.

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Out technical translators are both native speakers and experts in their fields.

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Certified Translations

Have you ever tried to refer to a legal text, for instance ...

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A well written text is fun to read, SATZGEWINN’s accomplished editors ...

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In our globalised world our interactions are global too. For personal ...

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Creative texts

We are experts in matters of language. Writing creative texts ...

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Satisfied Customers

YSL Beauté, L’Oréal Deutschland

We are always very happy with translations from SATZGEWINN. The teamwork functions smoothly. Konstantin Lennertz, YSL Beauté, L’Oréal Deutschland.

BASF Color Solutions Germany GmbH

We can commission translations from SATZGEWINN with confidence, as SATZGEWINN understands what is needed and is flexible in terms of

Pfeifer und Langen

SATZGEWINN translations always deliver excellence, be it on topics concerning corporate communication, marketing or contracts. The team is responsive, reliable

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Individual and
personalised support
Strict confidentiality in handling
your documents
Only native speakers domiciled
in their native country
Only qualified translators
specialised in your line of business
Strict selection procedure
for translators
FAQ: Most frequently asked questions

Why are quotations not dealt with via an user interface?

For us, the focus lies in people: you! Offering individual and personalised service to the client is of value to us. Only by interfacing with you can we provide our best services and quality.

Academic qualification: why do you only work with degree holding translators?

Translation is unfortunately not a regulated profession. Anyone can call himself a translator. This then reflects in the quality of translation. We have studied translation and interpretation and also work exclusively with qualified translators. You too would be left convinced by the quality of our translations!

The native-speaker principle and native place of residence: why is it important for native speakers to be based in their countries?

A genuine translator will always only translate in his native language. This alone can leave no margin for error. Even we as degree holding translators would not translate in the foreign languages that we have studied. When a translator moves residence, it unfortunately often weakens the native language. The translations then, for instance, carry expressions of little or no idiomatic content and grammatical errors creep in to some extent. Hence we set store by qualified translators living in the country of their native language.

Specialisation: Why is field specialisation crucial?

Studying English, for instance, does not necessarily make someone good at translating an user manual as much as, say a contract. It is therefore essential to specialise in specific fields upon completion of translation studies. Our professional translators do not just come with excellent linguistic credentials but are also experts in their field.


Duration: What is the per day translation capacity?

A translator typically translates around 1500 words in a day. So if your need is for 5000 words within a day the work has to be assigned to more than one translator. That however affects the consistency of the text and will also attract standard express charges.

Charges: What are the charges for translation?

The rates are based on the number of words, the type of text, whether editable and on the urgency. We can make a serious offer only after taking a look at the original text. The greatest preference is naturally for texts in the Word format.

Attested translation: What is the procedure?

Scan the document and send it to us by email mentioning when you would like to have it. If it is super urgent there will be a standard express-services surcharge applicable. After reviewing the word count of the document we will send an email informing you about the rates and further procedures. Private parties do excuse us, your jobs can only be taken on terms of advance payment.